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Miss Social Entertainment | Terms & Conditions
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Terms & Conditions

How to book with us?

There are two ways to book our models, staff, and talent. Contact us via phone or online bookings page. This can be done via email at vip@misssocialentertainment.com, and our website at misssocialentertainment.com. Once we’ve discussed the event and all the details regarding the booking, we will submit to you a summary copy of the event details. Following, we will issue and submit the estimated amount via invoice which is then due in full up front to confirm your booking.

What is promotional event staffing?

Promotional staffing can interchangeably be used and referred to as; promotional model, model, experiential marketing, brand ambassador, staff, event staff, talent and candidate which a person(s) is responsible for carrying out several duties in the marketing, promotions and branding industry to promote a product, service, brand, organization and event. There is also a theatrical component to the industry where events and promotions are required to meet certain looks that fit a theme from event décor to event staff. The promotional staffing industry changes from client to client and event to event. Every event and client require something different, different pool of talent, look (overall aesthetically appealing appearance), theme, style and expectations in terms of experience resume and character that is associated with their target audience. Wheather it be providing consumers with useful information on a product by collecting data, to hiring enthusiastic and energetic candidates to fire up a crowd! Promotional models are hired to drive a consumer demand for a product. Promotional models can come in all shapes and sizes and do not fit a cookie cutter profile. High profile models differ from promotional models and cater to a much different market and clientele such as; print models, runway shows and alike. It’s up to our company to produce results within reason for our most valued clients.

Are we able to hire staff/models to work in remote areas?

Yes, MSE staff and roster will drive or fly to remote areas at the expense of the client. MSE is not liable for damages, insurance or liability. This will be discussed upon booking.

How does billing work for your staff/models?

We will provide you with a quote, an estimate or an invoice depending on the nature of the event/booking and how it has been finalized and or received. Every incoming inquiry is different in nature and we treat events sensitively. The quote, estimate or invoice will include all booking details such as; terms and conditions, refund policy, booking policy, overtime hours, confidentially, non-solicitation, staff replacement policy, social media, marketing, branding and our 24/h contact information.

Can we use the images taken from an event or of our staff for your business/company?

You may use the images from the event you hired us for (on a case by case bases), only for promotional purposes for your company regrading that event, if you have a written letter by MSE. The images must also include the MSE logo, and legal line “Copywrites of MSE, not to be duplicated and distributed in part or in whole all rights reserved”. You may not in any way gain financial profit from using the images. These images are property of MSE and may not be reproduce, resold, or published without the written permission of MSE.

What is the minimum staff/models required for booking?

The minimum number of staff/models you may hire is two. We cannot book one staff/model alone at an event. If you require one staff/model, that person will be accompanied by a supervisor at additional cost, this is mandatory to insure complete safety of our roster.

Can I have the staff/models wear requested clothing/attire?

Yes, the staff/models can wear your branded merchandise or any other costume/attire you would like, should everyone feel comfortable wearing it. You need to provide these for them to wear/and or indicate if you would like for MSE to source it on your behalf and add this to your bill. Receipts must be copied and attached.

Are there any hidden expenses we should be aware of?

We charge a flat rate for the staff, models, supervisors and additional talent you may require. The expenses you would be required to pay or provide is for bottles of water at the event and parking (to a maximum of $15.00 per staff/model) and/or travel expenses at a rate of $0.50km if staff/model are required to drive more than 40km to an event. Any additional requests such as costumes, flyers, banners, and the like will either be provided by you or if you would like MSE can source it on your behalf and add this to your bill. If our roster already has some similar items you have requested, we will discuss the options of having them wear their own clothing suitable for the event type at no cost.

How do you charge for events that run longer than booked?

If your event runs overtime, please contact the manager or supervisors assigned to you. They will coordinate with the staff/models to see if it’s possible to have them stay longer. Typically, most of the time it is possible, however sometimes our staff/models are booked for another event after yours so it’s based on their availability. Additional fees applied at an hourly rate per staff/model will be applied. Note: That we do not charge per half hour so round up your time to the nearest hour.

Can we select the staff/models we want to work with?

Yes, you may make a staff/model selection. We understand that every candidate’s resume comes with a certain level of experience (experience alone included) and that must be taken into consideration for events. MSE will try to accommodate your request. However, if the staff/model you requested is not available, or has a last-minute cancellation, we reserve the right to send another staff/model that’s similar and suitable in leu of your original selection with or without notice. We know our staff/model and take the time to attend your event and booking last minute. Staff/models still need to be compensated for their time, as they do go out of their way to ensure you are getting the results you expected.

Do you print tickets, banners, flyers & promotional material for events?

Yes, we are able to print perforated and numbered tickets for your events and any other material required. We will discuss the details to be printed on your tickets and send you a proof of what it will look like. You have the option of sending us a digital image/file or you can use our creative design team. Once you’ve approved this, we have the tickets delivered to you in one week. Please not that because we are acting as a third-party vendor, you will be receiving exclusive discounts and promo codes and we would not be held liable for mistakes that have already been approved by you.

Do you charge late fees?

In specific circumstances where a client may book a promotion that runs several months at a time, or where there are conditional terms that may apply. We will amend our payment policy (case by case basis) and accommodate you as our client. Should your payments exceed the agreed number of days the payment must be made, we will add additional late fees up to 20%. Please understand that our staff are typically paid within 1-2 weeks and this is our policy. Extremely late payments could result in tension with our roster and the company.

Non-Solicitation, Non-Disclosure

You agree that during the engagement with MSE or anytime thereafter, you will not disclose any Confidential Information to any person, including without limitation any competitor of MSE or future staff and potential staff of ours. You agree for an indefinite period from this point onward as a client with MSE not to directly or indirectly solicit our roster, staff, and potential staff being brought forward for interviews, casting calls and meetings in which they may or may not obtain contracts with MSE. (Casting calls are set up in order to satisfy your needs as a client, and ensure we have brought forward in good faith the proper candidates necessary for your events and promotions). You agree to not directly or indirectly recruit, solicit, or otherwise induce attempt to induce any subcontractor, or employee or potential hires indefinitely. In the event of any such breach, you agree that MSE in addition to such remedies which may be available shall be entitled to specific performance and injunctive relief including interim or interlocutory relief, if demanded. By visiting our website, submitting a request for booking, inquiring via email, telephone, in person directly or indirectly, viewing, reading and printing our estimates and invoices you have read and agreed to these terms.


You may not post, distribute, or reproduce in any way any copyrighted material, trademarks, or other proprietary information without obtaining the prior written consent of the owner of such proprietary rights. Without limiting the foregoing, if you believe that our work has been copied and posted on the Service in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, please submit an email to: paulsanderson@sandersonlaw.com

How do we communicate with your roster?

We are solely responsible for communicating with our on-site managers and roster. Should there be a concern, question, or inquiry prior to, during or after any occasion please contact us and we will communicate this to them. Should we assign an on-site manager to you available to take calls, we will provide this to you prior to the event. Our roster cannot be contacted directly or indirectly without our written consent as this may result in information improperly relayed and could potentially jeopardize the integrity of the event and its execution. Additionally, our staff may not be comfortable discussing private matters with the client.

No drinking policy

We have a zero tolerance and no drinking policy.

Do we give the staff breaks?

We are required to provide breaks in compliance with the labor laws of Ontario.